Zombie Dog Edit

Looks can be deceiving.

The Zombie Dog is a missing 2003 short horror-comedy film produced by Lambda Productions. It acts as a loose spin-off to George A. Romero's Living Dead zombie movies, being set during the events of Night of the Living Dead.

Plot SummeryEdit

The plot follows the titular protagonist Zombie Dog who plots to takeover the world under the command of his Zombie Dog Leader. Despite his best attempts, the Zombie Dog is defeated, with their body burned alongside the rest of the undead.



The film was shot on a simple digital camera over the course of a week. Due to lack of memory on the camera, small scenes had to be shot one at a time and uploaded and then spliced together. Practical effects were used, with the main Zombie Dog character being a puppet.

Scrapped Sequels, planned reboot and comic seriesEdit

Immediately after the release of the film to selected audiences, two sequels were planned under the simple names of The Zombie Dog 2 and The Zombie Dog 3, with test footage being shot for the second part. It was intended for both films to be shot back to back.

The footage was lost for the original Zombie Dog short film, but there were still high hopes for a new installment. In 2006 work began for a new film titled The Zombie Dog Returns, but in 2007 the idea was eventually dropped.

In 2014, 11-years since the original filming, plans for a reboot series was in consideration and would be part of a shared universe. A comic series was also planned, which would act as a prequel to the film. Original actors from the first movie were considered for a comeback, with a new lead as the Zombie Dog. But again the plans fell flat and hardly anyone had any enthusiasm to resurrect a forgotten project.

When the lead actor who played the Zombie Dog Leader passed away, no more was said about the reboot, although the creator is still interested in reviving and redoing the series in comic form.