The Gingerdeadman IV (also known as The Gingerdeadman IV: Cult Of The Gingerdeadman) is an unreleased fanfiction sequel to The Gingerdeadman film series by Charles Band and a sequel to The Gingerdeadman III: Saturday Night Cleaver and a prequel to Gingerdeadman VS Evil Bong. It was written and scheduled for release at 2015, but ended up being lost and later canceled the film.

Note: This may not be related to The Gingerdeadman film series.

Plot Edit

The story followed on from the events of Gingerdeadman III: Saturday Night Cleaver and is set in the 2050s where the Gingerdeadman makes trillions of gingerdeadmen to help him take over the world. The plot is similar to the 2017 horror film, Child’s Play 7: Cult of Chucky.

Scrapped Sequel and Reboot Edit

Prior to the film being canceled, a sequel titled The Gingerdeadman V: Gingerdeadman on The Orient Express was planned and was going to be set in USA (United States of America).

Following the cancellation of the film it was going to be remade, but this never came to pass.