The Babysitter and the Killer Upstairs, also known as The Babysitter and Call Murderer is a 2003 short story and an unoffical spinoff to The Babysitter Urban Legend. It also takes inspiration from the 1979 When A Stranger Calls.

Plot Summary Edit

A teenaged babysitter (named Abigail Benson as shown in the credits) is babysitting four children at the Brewer’s lounge room. After putting the children to bed, she gets phone calls from a man. She goes upstairs, looks at a mirror, and sees a man holding an axe and covered in blood. Abigail runs to the children’s room, only to find them dead.

Other Variatations Edit

There are some alternative endings to the story and slight revisions concerning the babysitter’s and children’s fates. Both the babysitter and the children survive, although they escape they almost get murdered by the killer they manage to contact the police.

Sequels Edit

A short sequel to this story titled The Babysitter and the Gunman Upstairs (or The Babysitter II) follows on from a revised ending where another babysitter is babysitting three children, but they find themselves the target of a serial killer inside the house wielding a firearm (as the title shows).

A third story (featuring a different babysitter and two children) titled The Babysitter and the Hookman Upstairs (or The Babysitter III) was also created. This threequel was also inspired by The Hook Urban Legend.