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Terror Street is a Nightclaw 6000 series. It is about in 1989, many young adults were introduced to the town of Nightsky, Ohio and a street called Terror Street. Named after a family said to be cursed, trouble follows all who live on this street. Terror, kidnappings, and long-forgotten family secrets feed the evil that lives there. Each book tells a new story of someone who must face this evil... or die trying.

Books Edit

Original Series: Nightclaw 6000 made 52 books under original series, which took place from 1988 to 1999. These stories tended to be a single tale surrounding the cursed Terror Street. Occassionally there would be mentions of characters who previously appeared, but generally, those who survived Terror Street moved away or were simply never mentioned again.

  1. The New Girl
  2. The No-Return Birthday Party
  3. The Night-Night
  4. Strange
  5. The Wrong Room
  6. The Dreamwalker
  7. Haunted
  8. Halloween Night
  9. The Stepsister
  10. Snow Weekend
  11. The Flame Games
  12. Lights Out
  13. The Basement Room
  14. The Flower
  15. The Crimson Queen
  16. First Date
  17. The Close Friend
  18. The Cheater
  19. Sunburn
  20. The New Boy
  21. The Dare
  22. Bad Nightmares
  23. Double Date
  24. The Thriller Club
  25. One Evil Summer
  26. The Brain Reader
  27. Wrong Room 2
  28. Truth or Dare
  29. Doom End
  30. Final College
  31. Changed
  32. School Weekend
  33. The Stepsister 2
  34. What Heather Heard
  35. The Shape
  36. Secret Agent
  37. The Perfect Date
  38. The Confession
  39. The Girl Next Door
  40. Night Games
  41. The Runaway
  42. Criminal's Kiss
  43. All Nightmare Party
  44. The Rich Girl
  45. Cat
  46. Terror Hall: The Beginning
  47. Terror Hall: The Conclusion
  48. Who killed the Homecoming Queen
  49. Into the Dark
  50. Close Friend 2
  51. Trapped
  52. The Stepbrother

New Terror Street

  1. Camp Out
  2. Scream, Jessica, Scream!
  3. The Bad Boy

Terror Street Super Chiller: These books were no longer than those books in the regular series. They followed the same format of mild teen-friendly horror.

  1. Party Summer
  2. Dead Silence
  3. Goodnight Kiss
  4. Taken Hearts
  5. Dead Silence 2
  6. The Undead Lifeguard
  7. Cheerleaders: The New Evil
  8. Bad Singinglight
  9. The New Eve's Party
  10. Goodnight Kiss 2
  11. Dead Silence 3
  12. High Five
  13. Cheerleaders: The Evil Lives

Cheerleaders: This trilogy followed the haunting of Cianna Hughes and the Nightsky Cheerleaders. An evil spirit has that resided within the grave of Gretchen Terror is unleashed upon the Cheerleading team and vows to possess Nightsky teens, bringing out their dark emotions and using teens to kill those who are in the way.

  1. The First Evil
  2. The Second Evil
  3. The Third Evil

Terror Street Saga

  1. The Traitor
  2. The Secret
  3. The Burning

Terror Street: The House of Horrors

  1. The First Horror
  2. The Second Horror
  3. The Third Evil

Terror Street: The Bloody Chronicles

  1. The Death Moon
  2. The Dark Secret
  3. The Deadly Fire

Terror Park

  1. The First Scream
  2. The Loudest Scream
  3. The Last Scream

Terror Street Sagas

  1. A New Terror
  2. House of Whispers
  3. Forbidden Secrets