Middleburgh Murderer was a horror thriller film by Cruise Productions which was released in 2005. It dealt with a spree of serial killers in a town and a man trying to get to the bottom of it. The project didn't come into complete fruition, although was the basis for a horror series The Axe Murderer a few months later.


In the town of Middlesburgh (in no way related to the villain in Schoharie County, New York) a spree of serial killers occur. One of the residents of the town sets off on an investigation after his younger sister is kidnapped by the killer. The climax occurs at the Killer's house where the sister is captive. After a brief struggle the man gets into a fight with the Killer, but finds himself thrown through a window. The Killer then turns on the sister, and the story would have ended there.


The story was planned to be part of a trilogy, with a sequel titled Middleburgh Murderer 2 to be released shortly after. Despite the project never happening, it did lead to inspiration for a new series of serial killer stories titled The Axe Murderer.