Fright Street is a horror teen series written by Nightclaw6000 and takes inspiration from horror franchises like The Amityville Horror and Psycho. The series was first running from March 1989 to January 2005, then was followed by a continuation of the original series and a new series is in developement.

Synopsis Edit

Beginning in 1989 young adults were introduced to the town of Appleseed, Ohio and a street called Fright Street. Named after a family said to be cursed, trouble follows all who live on this street. Death, kidnappings, and long forgotten family secrets feed the evil that lives here. Each book tells a new story of someone who must face this evil .... or die trying.

Books Edit

Original Fright Street series Edit

  1. The New Girl
  2. The Suprise Celebration
  3. The Overnight
  4. Strange
  5. The Wrong Symbol
  6. The Sleepwalker
  7. Haunted
  8. Halloween Celebration
  9. The Stepsister
  10. Runner Weekend
  11. The Combustion Game
  12. Lights Out
  13. The Secret Basement
  14. The Knife
  15. The Prom Queen
  16. First Date
  17. The Best Companion
  18. The Fraudster
  19. Sunburn
  20. The New Boy
  21. The Dare
  22. Bad Nightmares
  23. Triple Date
  24. The Thrill Club
  25. One Evil Summer
  26. The Mind Reader
  27. Wrong Symbol 2