Darkest Dawn is a slasher horror series written by Nightclaw 6000 and takes inspiration from horror franchises like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street . An original series was first written in 2009, then followed by a second series running from 2011 to 2013, which is also followed by two more series. The series's main tagline is "Camp Nightmoon Memories."

Summary Edit

Darkest Dawn is set in the fictional Camp of Camp Nightmoon in which a young boy once died in a lightning storm, but that was a long time ago. No, there is no corpse waiting on the bottom of you curious eyes. You see, this boy did not stay dead. Billy lives. But stay too long, and he will kill you...

Stories Edit

Main Series Edit

  1. Darkest Dawn
  2. Darkest Dawn Part 2
  3. Darkest Dawn Part 3
  4. Darkest Dawn IV: The Final Chapter
  5. Darkest Dawn V: A New Beginning
  6. Darkest Dawn VI: The Revenge of Billy Jefferson
  7. Darkest Dawn VII: The Whisper of Billy Jefferson

Camp Nightmoon Series Edit

  1. Darkest Dawn: Parent's Night
  2. Darkest Dawn: Billy's Curse
  3. Darkest Dawn: Midnight Games
  4. Darkest Dawn: Blood Trip

Billy X-Z Series Edit

  1. Billy X-Y: The Experiment
  2. Billy X-Y: Escape of the He-Beast
  3. Billy X-Y: Moonlight Secrets
  4. Billy X-Y: To the Third Wheel

Darkest Dawn Series Edit

  1. Darkest Dawn: Church of the Biollante Psychopath
  2. Darkest Dawn: Blood Lake
  3. Darkest Dawn: The House of Horrors
  4. Darkest Dawn: The Billy Chase
  5. Darkest Dawn: Carnival of Evil